Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal implicated in “Prosperity 101,” Koch-funded workplace “education” program

Wall Street Journal Honcho Shills for Secret Worker ‘Education’ Program Linked to Koch Group
By Adele M. Stan, AlterNet/The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute

This article was reported in partnership with The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute.

In a darkened hotel ballroom in Pittsburgh, a middle-aged man with a boyish affect stands before the enthusiastic, if graying, activists of the Americans For Prosperity Foundation, gathered in August 2009 for its annual RightOnline conference.

“How many people here read the Wall Street Journal editorial page?” asks Stephen Moore, who sits on the paper’s editorial board. The crowd responds enthusiastically. “What would we do,” he continues, “without the Wall Street Journal and Fox News, right? And Americans for Prosperity?”

As the nation’s largest-circulation newspaper and the paper of record for the nation’s financial sector, the Wall Street Journal occupies a unique place amid the panoply of American news sources, and not only for its influence on the nation’s economy. The paper is matched only by Fox News in its unabashed alliance with political advocacy organizations associated with Charles and David Koch, the billionaire brothers and noted conservative funders who run Koch Industries, the second-largest privately held corporation in the United States.

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