Why does the GOP keep “winning”? Because of their superior propaganda? George Soros seems to think so (& he’s not the only one)

Here’s a brilliant letter from Jonathan Simon to the editors of The New York Review of Books, responding to George Soros’s essay, “My Philanthropy,” which ran in the 5/23 issue.

(It’s here:

Soros, like my friends George Lakoff and Tom Frank, and many other very smart people, thinks that the GOP keeps winning at the polls because the party is so good at propaganda—which is to say that they (my friends et al.) think that the GOP keeps really winning at the polls.

In other words, they cannot wrap their minds around the notion that the GOP has “won” time after time through vote suppression and election fraud. This ought to be regarded as great news, since it suggests that people maybe aren’t so stupid after all (even in Kansas). And yet George Soros and my friends, and many others, just can’t go there.

This is the theme of Jonathan’s terrific letter (which the New York Review will probably not run, since they don’t want to go there, either).


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Admittedly, I have yet to read the article, but the title question itself invites a basic response.

Besides the obvious, that real open and fair elections do not transpire (even before Citizens United), the most simple answer would be that Republicans go for what they want and spend to get their agenda and constituency excited.

Meanwhile, the Dems, as Enablers, have no clarity of position, don’t really support their would-be constituents, and, beyond “hope and change” slogans have precious little to even pretend to offer. They can’t even slap Wall Street criminals on the wrist, initiate impeachment of lying traitors, stop wars for profit or defend education and healthcare in America.

There’s been a great deal written on the GOP’s election fraud and vote suppression.
Why not try reading some of it?

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