If you’ve got a load of debt from student loans, getting sick or hurt can ruin you

Illness or injury can cause ‘ruinous’ consequences for those with student loan debt
By Cryn Johannsen

Severe car accidents can be devastating. When such an event includes a passenger who owes private student loans, the financial trauma makes it downright ruinous. Just ask Deborah Schutz. In December of 2008, Schutz’s daughter was in a car accident, and is also — what I call — an indentured educated citizen.

Her daughter’s injuries were more than just severe.

“She broke her jaw, sternum, ribs, pelvis (on both sides) and both her ankles, shattering the left one. But the worst was to her cervical spine, which left her a quadriplegic. She has made some progress in her recovery and is medically doing well, but her bills have left us in financial ruin,” Schutz says.

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