HIGH ALERT in Nebraska: Arnie Gunderson (on Pacifica)

Boy, things have changed. Back in 1979, when everyone was watching Three Mile Island, one Harold Denton of the NRC was on TV for days—network TV, live—trying to explain the situation as it happened.

And here it is, three decades later, with another very dangerous situation—not a meltdown (as of now), but a flood and fire at the nuclear facility in Ft. Calhoun, Nebraska; and this time there’s another knowledgeable guy out there to tell us what’s going on. But that guy’s talking on Pacifica, while nearly all the other media are silent on what’s happening, so that the chances are most people haven’t even heard about this latest near-disaster (just as they haven’t heard about what’s STILL happening in Japan).

Listen to what Arnie has to say—and, for God’s sake, pass it on:


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