Help Ben Manski help make sure that they don’t steal the recall races in Wisconsin

Good evening, Mark,

Although the mass media coverage is long gone, millions of progressives are still following the Wisconsin struggle and wishing us on to final victory. One of the questions I’ve been hearing most in the past several weeks has been, “How can we support the recalls?”

The short answer is that the best way to support a change in Wisconsin’s legislature is to directly support those progressives running in these elections. As you know, I am a longtime member of the Green Party. But for me, as with many who are members of other parties, I am progressive first, and will support progressives when they run, regardless of party affiliation. I can’t speak to all the candidates running for election this summer, but I can tell you that Wisconsin’s progressive movement will be greatly advanced if Jess King, Shelly Moore, Fred Clark, and Andy Heidt are elected to the legislature.

  • Attorney Jess King is running for the State Senate in the Fox Valley. I served with Jess for several years on the board of the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Wisconsin. She is a progressive attorney in the tradition of former Attorney General Peg Lautenshlager.  To donate or volunteer:
  • Shelly Moore is running for election in northern Wisconsin’s 10th Senate District. I last knew Shelly in the late 1990s, when she  was a leader in the UW-Stevens Point student association, and a strong activist and ally in the student movement against tuition hikes and for student power.  To donate or volunteer:
  • Rep. Fred Clark is running the 14th Senate district, just north of Madison in the Baraboo Hills. As a member of the Assembly, he has been one of Wisconsin’s most effective and stalwart advocates for ecology and conservation. To donate or volunteer:
  • Labor leader Andy Heidt is running in a special election in Madison’s 48th Assembly District. In a Democratic primary in which every candidate scrambles to call themselves “progressive,” Andy is in a class of his own. I met him over twenty years ago when I was a student at Madison West, and he was already a veteran activist in Madison’s progressive community. Andy is another person who puts progressive politics ahead of party affiliation.  To donate or volunteer:

Beyond direct support for candidates, there is a need to insure that the outcome of the election reflects the actual will of the electorate; that these elections are not stolen. The Wisconsin Wave, among other organizations, will be making an effort to protect election integrity this summer. Please stay tuned for ways you can help protect our elections from fraud. And please do what you can to help our progressive allies in their camapaigns.


In Solidarity,

Ben Manski

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