For $5, MoveOn will “get out the vote” in Wisconsin (and say not 1 word about the voting SYSTEM there)!

“Holy smokes!” writes Adam Ruben of MoveOn. “We can win in Wisconsin!”

Well, let’s hope so—but hope is not enough, and MoveOn is not enough, when you’re
confronted by a voting system like the one that twice “elected” Bush, has “elected”
scores (at least) of legislators at the state AND federal levels, as well as many governors
(like John Kasich and, no doubt, Scott Walker), and that slashed Obama’s victory margin
by a good 12 million votes. It’s the system that apparently enabled the “election” of
Dave Prosser to Wisconsin’s Supreme Court (a “win” that MoveOn evidently hasn’t heard of).

It’s a system based not just on vote suppression AND election fraud (primarily) by the GOP,
but also, crucially, on the staunch refusal of MoveOn and other left/liberal outfits even to
acknowledge it, much less work to change it.

Why do they refuse? Is it because the Democratic Party won’t acknowledge it? (And
why is THAT?) Or is it because it’s easier to get $5 from a lot of people by assuring them
that “we can win” than it would be by taking on the larger problem?

Whatever the reason(s) for MoveOn’s denial of the obvious, to send them your $5 so
that “we can win in Wisconsin” would be like sending it to the Family Research Council
so that you’ll go to Heaven.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Adam Ruben, Political Action
Date: Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 2:10 PM
Subject: Re: Breaking news from Wisconsin
To: Mark Crispin Miller 

Mark –
Holy smokes! We can win in Wisconsin! 

Yesterday we sent you an email asking you to chip in to help win the recall elections that could undo the attacks on workers in Wisconsin. As of yesterday afternoon, we had blown through our initial goal of $185,000! We’ve now doubled our goal to $370,000 so we can double down on our efforts.

The recall elections in Wisconsin are just 40 days away. This is a huge chance to reverse the infamous anti-worker law that took away bargaining rights from teachers and other public workers. If progressives unseat just three of the six Republicans facing recall, Democrats will take back control of the state senate.

It was revealed yesterday that one of the Republicans being recalled said, “We’ve got tons of government workers in my district—tons…We’ve got to hope that they, kind of, are sleeping” on Election Day.1 We can’t let that happen—together, we can make sure ALL the voters are awake.

Can you donate $5 right now to help us mobilize voters to the polls in Wisconsin and stop the tea party Republicans in their tracks?

Thanks for all you do.–Adam


4 replies on “For $5, MoveOn will “get out the vote” in Wisconsin (and say not 1 word about the voting SYSTEM there)!”

A vote for a Democrat may be a win for the Democrats, but definitely not a win for the working class.

both moveon and truemajority, pseudo-liberals to be sure, tried to thwart and block the huge protest rally here in new york at the 2004 RNC convention at madison square garden… saying that we would ’embarrass’ the dems and hurt votes! as i’ve said for years now… ‘the rightwing is stupid and nuts while the leftwing lacks revolutionary guts.’

Amen, sweetie.

They are on the same team.

And it’s not ours.


Is it because the Democratic Party won’t acknowledge it? (And
why is THAT?)

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