Election-stealing news from all over: NC, ME, MD—and Massachusetts, where Mitt apparently committed voter fraud! (Also something from Australia)

North Carolina lawmakers approve voter photo ID law
Fox 59
Republicans said the legislation will reduce voter fraud, but Democrats — as they have in other states where newly elected Republican majorities have passed similar laws — condemned it as an attempt to keep minorities and the elderly from voting. 
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No excuse to make voting harder
Bangor Daily News
And with new technology, no-fault absentee ballots, easier registration and other election reforms, we have opened the curtains of the voting booth and extended the franchise. Killing same-day registration and voting will not prevent voter fraud
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If Mitt Romney Lived In His Son’s Unfinished Basement, Did He Commit Voter Fraud?
Maddow later states in the segment embedded below that, asking whether or not Romney committed voter fraud is at least a reasonable question to ask…unless you happen to be part of the Massachusetts state election board, who thus far has appear to be 
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Top Ehrlich aide, consultant indicted in Md. robocalls case
Washington Post (blog)
Paul Schurick, 54, Ehrlich’s de facto campaign manager, and Julius Henson, 62, a consultant paid by the campaign, were both charged with three counts of conspiracy to violate election laws, one count of influencing votes through fraud and one count of 
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Professional politician or opportunist carpetbagger?
ABC Online
It is ironic to think that on the issue of campaign funding Hanson was charged, arrested, arraigned, convicted and imprisoned for election campaign funding fraud. She was later pardoned and vindicated for this wrongful imprisonment. 
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