Egypt’s far from ready for elections in the fall (and that makes two of us)

Egypt Unprepared For September Elections
By Leila Fadel from Cairo

Egypt’s first post-revolution parliamentary elections are due to take place in just three months. But a near-total lack of preparation is prompting fears that the vote will be flawed, undermining the election’s legitimacy and marring a revolution that empowered the Egyptian people.

While the vote is slated for September, no election law has been declared, no electoral system has been announced, no districts drawn and no specific date set. Egyptians who had hoped to embrace democracy after three decades of Hosni Mubarak’s autocratic rule now worry that a troubled election in the Arab world’s most populous country could instead endanger reform efforts in Egypt and beyond.

“What happens as a result of the elections will define the features of Egypt and the region,” said Farid Zahran, a member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, which has pushed for elections to be postponed. “Now is the time when the revolution ends in success or failure.”

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