Democrats did NOT lose in Wisconsin, Illinois & Pennsylvania Senate races (Richard Charnin’s summary analysis)

2010 PA, WI and IL Senate Elections: A Comparative Demographic and True Vote Analysis
Richard Charnin
June 20, 2011

The GOP won the WI, IL and PA senate elections. They won the recorded vote. But did they win the True Vote?

Obama had a 56.2% recorded share in Wisconsin. But the popular progressive Sen. Russ Feingold lost by 5% in a traditionally progressive state.

Obama had a 61.9% recorded share in Illinois. But the progressive Democrat Giannoulias lost by 2%. He led the Registered Voter (RV) polls by 42-38 and the Likely Voter (LV) polls by 43-42. Was the loss due to unverifiable DREs and rigged central tabulators that miscounted the optiscan ballots?

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