Yes, the rich DO create jobs (when they need to, and on their terms only)

From Bertell Ollman in response to the post: The rich don’t “create jobs.” We do.:

Mark –

Actually, the guy at the Cato Institute is right. The rich, or rather those of them who own businesses, do create jobs, because they make the key decisions on whether to use the surplus wealth that the operating rules of our society leave under their control to invest in this or that, here or there (at home or abroad), under conditions of their choosing, and of course to hire whomever they want and to pay them what they want. This also includes the right to tell the rest of us what it is that most influences them in making these decisions (whether they are being honest or not), but this point is relatively minor, and doesn’t deserve the emphasis given it in this article, “ACTUALLY, THE RICH DON’T CREATE JOBS, WE DO”.

“We” will only be able to create jobs, when the rules of our society are changed to allow us – collectively, democratically – to make all the decisions now made by capitalist owners on how to produce and distribute the wealth of society.

Yes, this is an “old” idea, but it bears repeating, and again, especially now in the current “jobless recovery”.

Bertell Ollman

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