Wisconsin recount is a mess, and the “Government Accountability Board” won’t look into it

GAB response shows inability to conduct impartial recount, investigation
by bdgrdemocracy
MAY 2, 2011

As the anomalies in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election recount continue to add up, the reaction from the Government Accountability Board proves Joanne Kloppenburg’s assertion – they are too close to the people and process to remain impartial. Since the first day of counting in Waukesha county alone, there have been issues with chain of custody and ballot conditions. The Kloppenburg campaign has logged irregularities in the following counties:

Waukesha – From the first day, there have been multipe bags with missing numbers, seals broken, mismatched numbers, and unsigned tags. This includes an “overfilled” bag with a damaged seal, no number, and a hole large enough to put an adult hand in.


Clark – One of the touch screen machines was missing the tape used to tally ballots. The manufacturer had to be contacted to acquire a new tape, to “recount” the ballots – even though no previous record exists to compare against.

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