Why does Karl Rove’s team of prosecutors still work at the DoJ?

Why did Obama leave Bush/Cheney’s DoJ intact, allowing most of those fiercely
partisan US Attorneys to keep pushing that regime’s agenda? And how come
Democrats have not insisted that Obama do what other presidents routinely do on
taking over from the other side, and flush that side’s team from the DoJ?

Whatever reason he may have for letting all those Busheviks stay on, Obama must
be pushed to get them out of there—especially those who, astoundingly, are still
trying to destroy Don Siegelman.

Let’s put it simply: If Obama keeps those pitbulls at the DoJ, and lets them keep on
persecuting Siegelman, it must mean that he made some kind of deal with—and/or
has some reason to be frightened of—Karl Rove. Either that, or it’s just that he could
not care less about the rank injustice of this case.

Neither reason is acceptable.

Please check out this petition, act on it, and circulate it.


Tell the White House: Fire Rove’s Prosecutors!

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