WHO study of cellphones puts them in the same risk category as DDT, lead and engine exhaust

From: Cindy Sage
Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 11:38:11 -0700
Subject: [cheemf] Perspective by Cindy Sage on the IARC 2B Decision for RF

The WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer has just issued
its decision that non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation is classifiable
as a 2B (Possible) Carcinogen. This is the same category as DDT, lead,
and engine exhaust.

Importantly the IARC finding did not decide to classify it as either Group 3
(Insufficient Evidence) or Group 4 (Not a Carcinogen). A possible carcinogen
is really a higher-level finding than it sounds. Since animal toxicity experiments
have rarely been funded, there is just not much evidence to review from animal
studies, which, had they been done, would have likely boosted this
2B classification higher to a 2A (Probable) Carcinogen.

This mirrors the 2001 IARC finding that extremely low frequency (ELF-EMF) that
classified as a 2B (Possible) Carcinogen. This pertained to power frequency (power
line and appliance) non-ionizing radiation.

These two findings confirm that non-ionizing radiation should be considered as a possible
risk factor for cancers; and that new, biologically-based public safety standards are urgently

Smart meters can produce RF exposures in some homes higher than those from PDAs and cell phones in
the manner they are being installed and operated. See our report “Assessment of Radiofrequency
Microwave Radiation Emissions from Smart Meters” (January 2011) at:

Cindy Sage
Sage Associates
Co-Editor, BioInitiative Report

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Doesn’t this blog make it clear who I am?

A friend of mine who gets your emails sent it to me, and asked
me to post it. She assumed that you were interested in trying to
inform the public, and so did I, so I obliged.

If we were wrong, I’ll take it down.

Who is your ‘friend’? This person knows better. There is specific language at the bottom of every CHE-EMF posting, saying permission is needed to repost. You could and should ask first. It might be okay, might not be.

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