What’s the top threat to US security? Al Qaeda? Or Wall Street & its buddies in the White House?

Obama and Geithner – Back to the Future on Corporate Tax Breaks and Derivative Deregulation
Michael Collins

Speculation reigns supreme in your nation’s capital. Who is next in line after the bin Laden operation? The bipartisan coalition directing the war on terror forgot one important fact about the security of the United States of America. It doesn’t matter who they kill overseas, the assault on almost all citizens continues unabated at home. No one is doing anything to stop it. Only the financial and political elite remain immune. (Image-WikiCommons)

According to the government’s National Bureau of Economic Research, the national economic collapse (aka recession) endedJune 2009. That’s news to the 55% of the public that believe we’re in either a recession or depression (April 2011).

Official unemployment is around 9%. That excludes the marginally employed and under employed. Adding those two groups takes unemployment up to 15.9%. Add the long-term unemployed and the figure climbs to nearly 23%.

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