What the Tea-baggers are trying to pull in Minnesota

From Jeremy Hubbell:


I was pleased to see Minnesota looking so good on the income distribution map you sent out a while ago. It helps explain why the insane agenda of the theocratteabaggers has had such a hard, but always MN Nice, slog through the state house here. Still, it looks as though progress is being made, progress helped by the recent elections requiring recounts here.

First, I wanted you to know the latest on the attempt to amend the MN constitution to ban gay marriage. It was ugly from the get-go as Minnesotans, whatever their feelings on the issue, don’t like such brusqueness.

It passed the House and was revving up steam to hit the Senate, but had a looming deadline of THIS MONDAY (May 23) to be approved so as to go on the ballot this fall.

This amendment issue has made things even more unpleasant in a tense budget showdown that has the GOP trying to imitate Scott Walker as much as they can. In polls, voters disapprove of the amendment by 53%.

In a move that I think was a signal to start the drive to alter the public’s feelings, Pastor Bradlee Dean was invited to give the opening prayer before the Senate on Friday (May 20).

Dean is Minnesota’s version of Rev. Fred Phelps:


Check out this video, where you will see and hear Dean recite the myth of the Reconstructionists, suggest that Obama’s not a Christian, and that Jesus is our head of denomination:


Of course, it wasn’t Dean’s strange understanding of the Constitution, history, or even nonsecular “prayer” before the Senate that kicked off the firestorm, but the bit about Jesus being head of things. Upshot is that the marriage amendment will likely not make it out of the Senate this year, though supporters vow they will be back.

In other news, the GOP is preparing a photo ID bill that imitates those passed in Missouri and Mississippi (see
http://www.startribune.com/politics/statelocal/122218509.html). Polls here show 80% support for this. So, if Dayton vetoes it, which he has said he would, then they will try to amend the constitution…

It’s frustrating to watch. I thought you’d like to know.


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