Walker wants to turn Wisconsin into one big traffic jam

Mass Transit Takes a Hit in Walker’s Budget
Funding is cut just as gas prices hit record highs
By Lisa Kaiser

As the price for a gallon of gas hovers around $4, Gov. Scott Walker is working to ensure that Wisconsin residents will rely on cars, not mass transit, to commute to work and travel around the state.

Walker’s proposed budget shores up funding for state roads and highways and major freeway reconstruction projects. But Walker’s budget isn’t so supportive of mass transit and local roads, both of which are subject to cuts and an uncertain financial future. The viability of Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) services such as the Freeway Flyer and late-night routes are on the chopping block once again.

Walker’s pro-road transportation budget comes on the heels of his refusal of $810 million in federal funds for high-speed rail and at the same time that legislative Republicans are attempting to terminate regional transit authorities (RTAs) for buses and trains.

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