Walker capo Fitzgerald rolls out Big Lie—”Some Dems are voting 5, 6 times a day!”—to push GOP photo ID bill

Wisconsin state Sen. Scott Fitzgerald says some people have been found to be voting five or six times a day

Wisconsin Republicans have long pushed unsuccessfully for a photo identification requirement at the polls, citing the need to guard against voter fraud.

So it was not a surprise when the incoming Senate majority leader, Republican Scott Fitzgerald, told reporters a photo ID bill would be the first introduced in 2011. But a recent Fitzgerald statement in defense of photo ID, made to a Green Bay journalist, was an eyebrow raiser.

A Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial on Dec. 9, 2010 quoted Fitzgerald saying: “We continue to see these isolated incidents of people trying to vote five, six times a day; people voting based on some sort of fraudulent documentation that’s offered…People think it’s important they have open, good, solid, free elections.”

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3 thoughts on “Walker capo Fitzgerald rolls out Big Lie—”Some Dems are voting 5, 6 times a day!”—to push GOP photo ID bill”

  1. Fitzgerald is among the sleaziest of Wisconsin politics! I always say, “If you repeat a lie, and repeat it often, you are a Republican!”

    Fitzgerald KNOWS that there is no evidence to prove his statement! But if he can make people believe him, that serves to keep the real voter fraud (the voting machines and their manipulation) hidden from those who refuse to inform themselves of the facts!

  2. I should think “cross state double voting” would be impossible. Do states even ship ballots across state lines? I never heard of such a thing. In California we don’t even ship ballots between counties within the state.

    If someone from Nevada wanted to vote in my California polling place I would tell him it would not be possible because he wasn’t registered in California.

    Additionally, wherever you vote, your ballot is sent to your precinct, is it not? Wouldn’t a double vote be noticed right away?

    It’s nice to read an article about elections which is factual.

    John P. Garry III
    Los Angeles, CA

  3. It’s utterly preposterous. Hard enough for Democrats to vote enough ONCE,
    much less six times.

    This isn’t 1886.

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