US Government to test anthrax vaccine on CHILDREN?

Let’s Test Anthrax Vaccine in Children/ Bio Prep Watch
by Meryl Nass, M.D.

Yesterday it was announced that the government would be purchasing 3.42 million doses of anthrax vaccine to add to the civilian anthrax vaccine stockpile. This is on top of the military stockpile, and comes out of DHHS funds. The purchase adds up to $101 million to the total contract for DHHS’ anthrax stockpile, now worth about $500 million. Stockpile cost could climb to over $2 billion if the government purchases the 75 million doses it said it needed.

Emergent Biosolutions, the vaccine’s manufacturer, also secured a $186.6 million contract for a recombinant protein antigen to combat anthrax and a $28.7 million contract for a third-generation vaccine. Not too shabby for a 12 year old company purchased for about $20 million from the state of Michigan, selling the federal government a vaccine developed by the US Army. Emergent’s Board (2007 and 2011) is made up of national political operatives with little anthrax experience but impressive connections.

Vaccine vials expire after 3-4 years, requiring continuous replenishment. What a marvelous business model! And what a way to throw taxpayer money into a black hole, according to the Center for American Progress.

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