Upon what meat does this our Walker feed that he is grown so great? (a) Koch’s billions, and (b) computerized voting systems

Walker Demands More Power

Scott Walker CorruptionMadison Wisconsin — On Thursday May 19, 2011 lawmakers in the State Assembly voted to give Dictator Walker the power to veto new state rules that have the force of law. If you didn’t catch that, I encourage you to read that line again. It is almost mind boggling how much power the legislature has been willing to cede to it’s king. As much as Republican lawmakers in the assembly feel this action is benign — it is becoming more and more apparent that Walker seeks total control over Wisconsin and her citizens.

The Assembly passed the bill 55-34, as you can guess, all republicans voted for its passage. The bill will now go to the king’s desk for his signature. For anyone that has been paying attention in Wisconsin over the last several months, this whole idea of a government with checks and balances has become a malignant tumor-like growth to republicans, who are treating it with doses of radioactive legislation. The citizens of Wisconsin are now subject to the powers of an absolute dictator who gleefully wraps his iron fist around the throat of the once proud working class of this state – and does so with impunity.

The Assembly rubber-stamped preliminary proposals to repeal early-release for prisoners (passed in 2009 under Governor Doyle), legislature that will repeal a mandated study on use of racial profiling by police when make traffic stops, and to give Walker the power to appoint the state Veterans Affairs Secretary. Each of these may seem like minor changes to Wisconsin law – but this power in the hand of King Walker is likely to be abused. For example, why would Walker want to keep people in prison without the possibility for early release? The state is broke after all. The answer — prisoners make 2 dollars an hour, can we all say enslavement? The repeal of the study on racial profiling is yet another (remember Voter ID) slap to minorities and African Americans. Guess what, the police can pull you over because the color of your skin, so says King Walker. Finally, the Assembly has turned over to Walker the ability to appoint corporate lobbyists to fill government appointments at the dictator’s pleasure.

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