Under GOP’s new residency rules, if you move to WI after 6/14, you can’t vote in the recall “elections” on 7/12

Capitol Report: New residency rules will be in place for recall elections
Posted: Friday, May 20, 2011 11:15 am

Forget about voting in the July 12 recall elections if you move to Wisconsin after June 14.

Under a proof-of-residency provision in the voter ID bill passed this week by the state Legislature, voters will now need to live in the state 28 days before an election — instead of 10 — in order to cast a ballot.

The change is one of many that will take effect immediately after Republican Gov. Scott Walker, a longtime supporter of voter ID, signs the bill into law Wednesday.

Thursday’s passage of the bill in the state Senate was chaotic, with eight Democratic senators refusing to vote and members of the public watching from the Senate balcony shouting “shame, shame,” and “recall,” following the vote.

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