The clear and present danger of Monsanto’s GMOs and herbicides: Dr. Huber lays it out for us

From Gianni Ortiz:

This series of podcasts is a lecture Dr. Don Huber gave in Creighton, Nebraska in March 2011. It is the most complete presentation of his research I have heard, with vast implications not just for the global food web but perhaps for the very web of life itself. After listening to this lecture, and in light of the unconditional release of RR Alfalfa, it is even more shocking that the USDA has bestowed upon Monsanto the right to police itself while high quality milk and backyard chicken operations are so highly regulated, banned and/or raided that it makes it difficult or impossible for many families to be able to eat the foods of their choice from local producers.


There is an effort underway to raise funds to conduct the independent research necessary to further document the effects of GMOs and companion herbicides on our animals, our soils, our water and ourselves. If you would like to financially support moving this crucial work forward with a tax deductible contribution, please contact Howard Vlieger of Verity Farms via email, Howard is a close ally of Dr. Huber’s and will be able to channel all inquiries properly.


Thanks very much for your help and for sharing this with those who believe this long overdue research needs to be done now and these facts exposed.


Gianni Ortiz

FarmAssist Productions


Land Stewardship Program

Dr. Don Huber, Creighton, Nebraska, March 2011


More on GMOs:

Bt insecticidal proteins were found in the blood of 93% of the pregnant … most babies (in Quebec anyway) are born with Bt in their blood.

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