Tell Cuomo: We need to maintain rent control in NYC!

Dear Mark,

2.5 Million New Yorkers.

That’s how many of our neighbors are protected by New York’s rent regulation program, which is set to expire less than 30 days from today. The clock is ticking.

These working families – black, white, Latino, Asian, immigrant, elderly, and young – already face far too much uncertainty in this economy, and now they have to worry about being priced out of their homes.

Fortunately, Governor Cuomo understands that “affordable housing is the building block of strong communities and a strong economy.” [1] He previously served as the housing secretary under President Clinton, and he knows the stakes.

He also knows that in fighting for stronger rent regulations, he’s up against a powerful, entrenched and corrupt force: the Landlord Lobby that has bought and paid for the State Senate.

Please sign our petition to Governor Cuomo, adding your name to the 2.5 million tenants who are counting on him to protect their families:

The head of the landlords association loves nothing more than to brag about his role in delivering the Senate to the Republicans. Anyone remember this line?

“We’re not ashamed of it. We gave and donated and supported all the Republicans. We basically emptied our piggy bank to make sure they capture the Senate… [Republican Leader Dean Skelos] understands clearly that if he doesn’t hurt us or tries to avoid hurting us, we will be there for him next time around, two years from now.” — landlord lobbyist Joe Strasburg [2]

That’s the kind of blatant greed and corruption that we’re up against. And that’s why we need you to send a message to Governor Cuomo that you’re counting on him to stand strong.

It’s important for us not only to extend current rent protections, but also to enhance them. And we must do so before the June 15th deadline, if we want to remain a city in which middle-class and working-class people can feel economically secure.

Please send a message to Governor Cuomo asking him not to back down:

In solidarity,

Dan Cantor
WFP Executive Director


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