Seeking big cuts in food safety inspection, House GOP’s enough to make you sick

The Wake-Up Call: House GOP Seeks Big Cuts To FDA, Food Safety Inspectors
First Posted: 05/24/11 12:55 PM ET Updated: 05/24/11 03:17 PM ET
Marcus Baram

• A House GOP proposal is seeking $285 million in cuts to the Food and Drug Administration, an 11 percent reduction from FY 2011, just as the agency moves to implement an ambitious new food safety law, reports Food Safety News. The proposal would also reduce the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service budget by $35 million. Proponents claim the reduced funding level will not prevent “critical meat, poultry and egg product inspection and testing activities, and supports an expansion of a poultry inspection pilot project that will lead to improving food safety.”

• How to decipher Dodd-Frank’s alphabet soup: Bloomberg Government provides this helpful glossary on everything from “camels” (“Rating given to banks based on capital adequacy, asset quality, management practices, earnings performance, liquidity and sensitivity to market risk”) to “zombie banks” (“A financial institution with negative net worth that continues to operate through federal assistance”).

• AT&T spent $6.8 million in the first quarter of 2011, hiring 71 experts to push through their merger with T-Mobile.

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One thought on “Seeking big cuts in food safety inspection, House GOP’s enough to make you sick”

  1. in italy, EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL SLAUGHTERED IS TESTED FOR SEVERAL DISEASES! in the US, less than 2% are tested for anything at all. in england in 2003 there was an outbreak of madcow deaths… it can take as long as 11 years to show… as there had also been a rash of deaths said to have been alzheimer’s; and as madcow and alz have nearly identical symptoms… an inquiry dug up the alzheimer’s corpses… to discover that many were indeed actually madcow. alzheimer’s is an unexplained epidemic still spiking in america…

    back in 2005, hilary clinton and sensenbrenner wrote a bill called ‘the animal and environmental terrorist act.’ it made it a terrorist crime to CAUSE ANY INDUSTRY AS LITTLE AS $500 IN DAMAGES! by that measure, when oprah denounced the beef industry in 2003; she could now be charged for terrorism!

    restaurants offering ecoli chicken; salmonella turkey, salmon in a delightful mercury sauce and madcow burgers… bon apetit!

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