Scott Walker’s food stamp privatization plan (to starve Wisconsin’s poor people)

Scott Walker Unveils His Wisconsin Food Stamp Starvation Scheme
April 30, 2011
By Ray Medeiros

Governor Scott Walker is creating a road to fascism in a hurry in Wisconsin. Not only does his “budget repair bill” hand over utilities to private industry but now this tea party conservative wants to privatize food stamp allocations.

This plan would allow a for profit corporation to decide who gets food and who doesn’t. On top of this 20 million dollars will be taken away from Wisconsin in Federal aid for help.

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One thought on “Scott Walker’s food stamp privatization plan (to starve Wisconsin’s poor people)”

  1. This is another nail in the coffin of Democracy. State by state, these GOP extremists are working to degrade the jurisdiction of the Federal government. It doesn’t matter how many poor, disabled, elderly or even helpless children die at their bidding. They have no shame and no guilt! What kind of reptilian monsters are these?

    What will be inscribed on the tombstone of American democracy?

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