Mystery helicopter landed at the site of Dr. David Kelly’s death

As this has everything to do with Britain’s joining BushCo in the latter’s rush to war against Iraq, it is a story that Americans should follow (and that the US press should cover, but will probably ignore).



Mystery helicopter claim over Dr David Kelly death
Police have refused to comment on reports that a helicopter mysteriously landed at the scene of weapons expert Dr David Kelly’s death shortly after his body was discovered.
11:58AM BST 14 May 2011

Details released under the Freedom of Information Act reportedly disclose that the aircraft stayed on the ground for five minutes before leaving.

According to its flight log, the helicopter – said to have been hired by Thames Valley Police – landed at Harrowdown Hill in Oxfordshire at 10.55am on July 18 2003, 90 minutes after Dr Kelly’s body was found by search teams.

The purpose of the flight and who was on board have not been established because details of the flight log have been heavily redacted, the Daily Mail reported.

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