Monsanto Roundup is an ecological disaster—& no one will research it, or report it (except Don Huber)

Why Is Damning New Evidence About Monsanto’s Most Widely Used Herbicide Being Silenced?
By Jill Richardson
Saturday, Apr 30, 2011

Dr. Don Huber did not seek fame when he quietly penned a confidential letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack in January of this year, warning Vilsack of preliminary evidence of a microscopic organism that appears in high concentrations in genetically modified Roundup Ready corn and soybeans and “appears to significantly impact the health of plants, animals and probably human beings.” Huber, a retired Purdue University professor of plant pathology and U.S. Army colonel, requested the USDA’s help in researching the matter and suggested Vilsack wait until the research was concluded before deregulating Roundup Ready alfalfa. But about a month after it was sent, the letter was leaked, soon becoming an internet phenomenon.

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One thought on “Monsanto Roundup is an ecological disaster—& no one will research it, or report it (except Don Huber)”

  1. monsanto, one of the very worst criminal corpses around… sue farmers for ‘theft’ when it is their viral GMOs spreading… finally, after having won many such suits; canadian farmers turned the table on em and sued for trespass and infection of organics…

    back in about 2002, a fox news reporter for 20-20, was it, had done an indepth study of monsanto’s BgH which torments heifers into giving twice as much milk for twice as long… leading to udders so sensitive that many die from the pain… and her inquiries showed that BGH is causing havoc for those on several scrips (average 70-year old american now has 5 scrips…) and inn particular those on hormones or heart meds, thought to have caused many deaths.

    but her most significant finding was that BGH is the most likely culprit causing what projectcensored says is one of the most uncovered items in this century of secrecy… that some million or more children, as young as 5 and mostly boys, are going into puberty… causing, as you would well imagine, serious emotional and mental woes for all.

    the week before that show was to go on the air, fox abruptly pulled her show and gave no explanation. when she protested, was fired without cause. they instead put on a show that actually PROMOTED monsanto! so she sued. she won and won then at the appeals court level of florida courts, lost all charges except for wrongful firing.

    the court, in an example of ‘corporate personhood’ at work, decided against her charge of censorship; stating that a news organization has the 1st amendment right to report anything at all, lie, invent statistics and surveys they need not even actually do at all! and fox celebrated this ruling as “a victory for freedom of the press”…

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