Michelle Rhee teams up with Scott Walker to wipe out US public education

The Future of Education, Big Business Style
Posted May 9th, 2011 by Kim Hoffman

If the former DC schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee
intends to reform education, the last people she would
be aligning herself with would be governors Scott
Walker and Tom Corbett, right? Yet that is exactly who
she will be speaking along side at The American
Federation for Children Annual Policy Conference,
Monday May 9th, in Washington D.C.

The AFC is a group founded by a small core of wealthy
conservatives dedicated to the dismantling of public
education. AFC and its partners have contributed
millions of dollars to anti-public education movements
in states across the nation, including Pennsylvania and
Wisconsin. It is no surprise to see people such as
Betsy DeVos (sister of Eric Prince of Blackwater)
crusading and fundraising millions of dollars
supporting the AFC’s goal to privatize education.

Former Chancellor Michelle Rhee will be speaking at the
AFC event with Governor Walker who recently proposed an
$835 million cut in aid to public schools. What could
the two possibly have in common? Well, money of
course. In order to profit from education you must
first privatize it.

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