Koch’s governor wants private companies to run WI’s public assistance programs (into the ground)

Walker wants private sector to run assistance programs

Vivian Colon is often the first point of contact for Dane County’s most vulnerable residents when they find themselves in desperate situations.

From parents seeking emergency medical care for a sick child to those who live paycheck to paycheck and have little money left for food, Colon treats everyone the same when they walk through the doors of the Dane County Job Center on Aberg Avenue. She greets them with a smile.

“A lot of people need help when they first come in,” says Colon, who has worked for the county for nearly four years. “For some people, it’s their first time applying for benefits. Other people aren’t computer-friendly. They don’t know how to use a mouse or they can’t type. It’s my job to help them if they get stuck during any part of the process — beginning, middle or end.”

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