IRS grants non-profit status to hit-man James O’Keefe’s new racket (“Project Veritas”!)

IRS Grants Nonprofit Status To James O’Keefe’s ‘Project Veritas’
James Okeefe
First Posted: 05/26/11 03:24 PM ET Updated: 05/26/11 03:24 PM ET

An organization founded by conservative filmmaker and self-proclaimed “muckraking journalist” James O’Keefe has been granted nonprofit status by the IRS.

O’Keefe told The Chronicle of Philanthropy that he’s glad he can begin to garner tax-deductible donations for his organization:

“We’re pleased that Project Veritas’ nonprofit status has been approved. Our nonpartisan mission of exposing corruption while training new, investigative journalists can now be fully supported by donors who require a tax-exemption for their generous contributions.”

On its website, Project Veritas describes itself as bringing “transparency into the back-room deals” by using investigative journalism tactics.

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