How many votes did Prosser steal? We need YOU to help decide if Joanne Kloppenburg should sue!

Disclaimer at the request of Velvet Revolution/Protect Our Elections: The subject line for this post — “How many votes did Prosser steal? We need YOU to help decide if Joanne Kloppenburg should sue!” — is mine alone, not VR/POE’s.

From Emily Levy:

Hi Mark,

As you may know, I’ve been heavily involved in the election integrity work around the WI Supreme Court race. Thanks for all the info you’ve been sending to your list about that!

In the next few days, we need a cadre of people to help with a very specific project: reading the minutes (the official record) of the recount from all 72 counties. Do you think some of your readers would help with this? JoAnne Kloppenburg has until Monday to decide whether or not to seek a judicial review. We need people who can commit at least three hours to this project between now and Saturday, so we can pull together their findings and get them to the campaign in time to inform their decision.

We’re trying to document that enough votes were affected by irregularities to call the outcome of the election into question and indicate the need for judicial review. How are we doing that? By going through the minutes (official record) of the recounts for as many counties as possible, documenting the number of votes affected by each irregularity. There are over 3,500 pages of minutes total and only a few days to do this. And Waukesha’s mountain of minutes hasn’t even been made available yet!

Can you help read some of these minutes? It’s very interesting work, and the instructions are laid out about what to look for and what to do with what you find. If you can spend three hours or more (more is preferable!) between now and Saturday, we need your help. If you know others who can help, that’d be fantastic, too. We’re coordinating the work so that we use the volunteers’ time efficiently.

To sign up, email emily(at) Tell us approximately how much time you have and we’ll assign you a count and email you the instructions and the spreadsheet to paste your findings into.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer, whether volunteering yourself or finding others who can volunteer.


Emily Levy
for Velvet Revolution/Protect Our Elections

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