GE sees solar costing less than fossil power in 2017 (assuming we get there)

GE Sees Solar Cheaper Than Fossil Power in Five Years
By Brian Wingfield

Solar power may be cheaper than electricity generated by fossil fuels and nuclear reactors within three to five years because of innovations, said Mark M. Little, the global research director for General Electric Co. (GE)

“If we can get solar at 15 cents a kilowatt-hour or lower, which I’m hopeful that we will do, you’re going to have a lot of people that are going to want to have solar at home,” Little said yesterday in an interview in Bloomberg’s Washington office. The 2009 average U.S. retail rate per kilowatt-hour for electricity ranges from 6.1 cents in Wyoming to 18.1 cents in Connecticut, according to Energy Information Administration data released in April.

GE, based in Fairfield, Connecticut, announced in April that it had boosted the efficiency of thin-film solar panels to a record 12.8 percent. Improving efficiency, or the amount of sunlight converted to electricity, would help reduce the costs without relying on subsidies.

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One thought on “GE sees solar costing less than fossil power in 2017 (assuming we get there)”

  1. back in 1973, the first ‘oil crisis’ when OPEC suddenly doubled prices form very, very low… i wrote a paper suggesting we immediately begin taxing gasoline and new vehicles and use that for alt energy and transport R&D… but then as now, the same tired reactionary dinosaurs repeat their mantra ‘that will take too long! we have to stick with the tried and true!’ and that wass now 38 years ago. had that been done, we’d now have an alt-energy world and likely be flying around on something like silver surfer’s board… no nukes, oil, coal, hydro or their dangers or pollutants, environmental damages… but noooooo our owned and bribed ‘leadership’ utterly lacks such vicion.

    indeed china is on schedule to be alt-energy self-suficient by 2020-25, in advance of peak oil and the lack of uranium… while the US in the insipid ‘stimulus’ granted $18.5bln to poor, tax-free GE and such to build more nuclear plants! and so far as i know, fuckyoushima hasn’t had any impact at all on this project. just $2bln went to alts…

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