For Pakistan, Osama was the goose that laid the golden eggs. So who got paid?

Who told them where he was?
Tariq Ali 2 May 2011

A US Special Forces operation in Pakistan has taken out Osama bin Laden and a few others. He was in a safe house close to Kakul Military Academy (Pakistan’s Sandhurst). The only interesting question is who betrayed his whereabouts and why. The leak could only have come from the ISI and, if this is the case, which I’m convinced it is, then General Kayani, the military boss of the country, must have green-lighted the decision. What pressure was put on him will come out sooner or later. The event took me back to a conversation I had a few years ago.

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One thought on “For Pakistan, Osama was the goose that laid the golden eggs. So who got paid?”

  1. sheesh… what rubbish, rubble, rut…

    bin laden, a member of the fahd saudi’s vicious monarchy the US calls an ally… bin laden, contracted to construct a $295million base for US-saudi use in the early 1990s… bin laden, longtime CIA asset for inside info into that scene… biin laden, said by the CIA’s lead expert on him to have died in 1999-2000 from his kidney disease… bin laden, whose photos and vids and audio, as that same expert points out vividly, were clearly either not him or were manipulated (remember the faked ‘gulf of tonkin incident’ which fooled all but morse and grurnig in congress, leading to the viet war deaths of 2.13mln and in cambodia 2.7mln… all as innocent as the iraqis or afpakis…)

    as new yorker, i nearly died from ‘the air is safe’ of 911. like ol jimmy breslin and, as he found to have been censored, some 147,000 other new yorkers became deathly ill intestinally fromm teh toxins of that ‘safe air.’ and that was the exact level of truth the govt gave us on that date… i could go on&on…

    just exactly why is it that we are still ONLY seeing a 15-year old photograph of bin laden?

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