Far from covering GOP’s assault on voting rights, NYTimes keeps covering it up

From Mark Karlin:


I think this Times article avoids the point of what the GOP is trying to do with these new laws, which isn’t just “to tighten voting rules” but to disenfranchise everyone who stands against them. The headline should have been: “Republican Legislators Try to Keep Fewer Non-GOP Supporters From Voting,” and Livette Alvarez should have told that story.

As you of all people know, this is no new issue. It was the critical issue in Bush stealing the Florida election due to the caging Greg Palast has detailed over and over again. And the GOP has kept on doing it ever since.

Back when they did real investigative journalism on high-level political corruption, the Times would have run a major exposé–it would have to be a series–on the entire GOP assault on voting rights: not just state legislation, but everything from trying to block the census to the use of computerized machinery run by private companies.

This is just another ho-hum story that doesn’t even start to rise to the importance of the issue at hand.


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