Donald Trump’s (unknown) record of racism, largely whited out by MSM

Ignoring Trump’s Record of Racism

Fair and Accurary in Reporting (FAIR0
May 6, 2011

Donald Trump’s efforts to delegitimize Barack Obama by
suggesting he’s not a native-born citizen, and
questioning his qualifications for admissions to
Columbia University and Harvard Law School, have drawn
fire from prominent media figures like MSNBC host
Lawrence O’Donnell (FAIR Blog, 4/29/11), CBS News
anchor Bob Schieffer (CBS Evening News, 4/27/11) and
even David Letterman (Late Show, 4/28/11), who have
pointed out the racism implicit in Trump’s smears.

But few corporate journalists have so far put Trump’s
anti-Obama efforts in the context of earlier racist
episodes in the real estate developer’s career–a
history that sheds light on the potential presidential
candidate’s recent hamfisted claim: “I have a great
relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great
relationship with the blacks.” (As Washington Post
columnist Eugene Robinson–4/19/11–observed regarding
Trump’s awkward boast: “Yes, he said ‘the blacks.’

Salon’s Justin Elliot (4/28/11) traced Trump’s racism
back to the 1970s, when the Justice Department
repeatedly alleged racial discrimination by Trump
Management Company, where Trump served as president.
According to a New York Times report (10/16/73) about
the federal case:

The government contended that Trump Management had
refused to rent or negotiate rentals “because of race
and color.” It also charged that the company had
required different rental terms and conditions because
of race and that it had misrepresented to blacks that
apartments were not available.

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