5 thoughts on “Does this ass make my truck look big?”

  1. Walker is definitely not liked in WI by anyone who has to work for a living.

    What a shocking homemade bumpersticker which takes up the entire back of the pickup truck.

    One gets the feeling there is a real war going on by the extremist elitists against those who must work for a living.

  2. Hmph, copycat… This actually started out as a popular bumper sticker with Obama on it… they sell quite alot of them.

    Walker is liked very much especially by the people that have to work for a living, he got elected in the heart of one of the most Progressive states and recently a conservative Judge Prosser won as well! Woot!!

  3. I’m with you Mark. The bloggers name Tommy from Chicago says it all. Who gives a $hit what a flat-lander’s opinion of him is. Probably on the Walker payroll.

  4. Yup… Scott Walker is STILL the Governor of Wisocnisn. Re-elected because of his overwhelming popularity and policies. So popular in fact that many businesses are leaving IL and heading towards states like Wisconsin.

    Sorry Scott Walker haters… you lose.

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