Denial kills: Global warning’s on the rise, as all the orthodox “solutions” fizzle out (Guardian)

Global warming: Bleaker and bleaker
New figures show we are still hurtling towards dangerous climate change – at a time when policymakers are running out of ideas

Sometimes a quotation really does say it all. As chief economist of the International Energy Agency, Fatih Birol is not given to overstatement – so his comment in our paper today that the latest figures on greenhouse gas emissions are “the worst news” should be taken seriously. It is not just that the statistics showing another record leap in carbon output – 30.6 gigatonnes of CO2 over 2010 – to make the highest annual total in history are grim. They also come at a point when the old centrist certainties about how to tackle climate change are palpably out of date, and yet no new ideas have come along as replacement.

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2 thoughts on “Denial kills: Global warning’s on the rise, as all the orthodox “solutions” fizzle out (Guardian)”

  1. lovelock’s thesis was established as valid by none other than the US navy by 1985… yet bush & others still calling global warming a hoax still? indeed, in 2003, the ‘for official use only’ US navy ‘study for an ice-free arctic’ stated that by 2015-2020, the north pole would be passable without ice-breakers in summer. and that point was actually passed in 2008!

    lovelock said that if there was no global program to halt the culprits by 1990 that it was probably too late to stop… 20 wasted years ago. dinosaurs driving dinosaur-juice-mobles will be dinosaurs til the bitter end.

  2. IGCC fuel plants use the carbon twice or can sequester in older oil wells. The world uses the energy is does and will use more as time goes on. We can use it more efficiently and wisely.

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