DEMOCRATIC governors attacking unions, too—while paying lip service to collective-bargaining rights

The Democrats Attack Unions Nationwide
Wednesday 18 May 2011
by: Shamus Cooke, Truthout

Obvious political truths are sometimes smothered by special interests. The cover-up of the Democrats’ national anti-union agenda is possible because to reveal it for the ruse it is would cause enormous disturbances for the Democratic Party, some labor leaders, liberal organizations and, consequently, the larger political system.

Here is the short list of states with Democratic governors where labor unions are undergoing severe attacks: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, California, New York, Illinois, Washington, Hawaii, Minnesota, Maryland and New Hampshire. Other states with Democratic governors are attacking unions to a lesser degree.

The Democrats in these states have sought to distance themselves from the Republican governors of Wisconsin and Ohio, who have specifically attacked the collective bargaining rights of unions. The Democrats in the states listed above all hide their anti-union attacks behind a “deep respect for collective bargaining,” a position akin to that of a thief who will steal your car but, out of respect, will not target your deceased grandmother’s diamond earrings.

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