Corporate war on public education has Americans all over—students, parents, teachers—linking arms, and fighting back!

Students, Parents and Teachers Nationwide Protest Gutting of Public Education
By Rose Aguilar
Truthout — May 14, 2011

Members of the Detroit community protest the arrest of
young women and teachers who defied authorities over
the closing of Catherine Ferguson Academy on Friday,
April 15, 2011.

When 18-year-old Tiffini Baldwin decided to take part
in a peaceful sit-in to speak out against the possible
closure of Catherine Ferguson Academy (CFA), a public
school for pregnant girls and teen moms in Detroit,
Michigan, she didn’t think she’d be arrested.

“What’s wrong with standing up for education? When the
cops actually showed up, I was afraid. I was more
afraid for my three-year-old daughter,” she said. “The
cops were trying to intimidate us the entire time,
saying they would take our babies away, but I knew that
wasn’t true because we met with lawyers before the

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