Cancer now the leading cause of death in China (a price worth paying for “freedom,” Koch-style, in that country)

Cancer Now Leading Cause of Death in China

Janet Larsen
Earth Policy Institute
May 25, 2011

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in China.
Chinese Ministry of Health data implicate cancer in
close to a quarter of all deaths countrywide. As is
common with many countries as they industrialize, the
usual plagues of poverty-infectious diseases and high
infant mortality-have given way to diseases more often
associated with affluence, such as heart disease,
stroke, and cancer.

While this might be expected in China’s richer cities,
where bicycles are fast being traded in for cars and
meat consumption is climbing, it also holds true in
rural areas. In fact, reports from the countryside
reveal a dangerous epidemic of “cancer villages” linked
to pollution from some of the very industries propelling
China’s explosive economy. By pursuing economic growth
above all else, China is sacrificing the health of its
people, ultimately risking future prosperity.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in China. Deaths
from this typically fatal disease have shot up nearly
fivefold since the 1970s. In China’s rapidly growing
cities, like Shanghai and Beijing, where particulates in
the air are often four times higher than in New York
City, nearly 30 percent of cancer deaths are from lung
cancer. (See data.)

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One thought on “Cancer now the leading cause of death in China (a price worth paying for “freedom,” Koch-style, in that country)”

  1. i saw one article in the times back in 2007… and no further coverage at all on the matter… that the US had just passed a milestone at which the biggest killer here is not cancers, nor heart attacks… it is the super-bugs and super-staph infections riddling our hospitals and starting to spread everywhere, even by way of grreenery. 730,000 a year and rising. at rate of increase, will be bigger than BOTH cancers and hearts COMBINED by 2022! hospitals should now warn to ‘enter at your own risk!’

    while here in new york city, mayor billionaire tries to suppress our pusruit of happpiness by virtually illegalizing smoking… even pushing the new leases that say i can’t even smoke at home! in 2003, EPA study showed that the air inamerica’s 30 largest metro areas was as carcinogenic as smoking 18 or more cigarettes… so when they claim in gory signs that someone died from smoking, it simply cannot be ascertained. so where are the gory warnings at city limits? and note that babies also breathe.

    furthermore, the USDA-FDA joint study shows that veggies live up 10 and vegans up to 12 years longer than the average american meat-eater who now eats 9x more meats than in 1900… and smoking is only said to reduce life-span by 4-8 years, depending on length of time and amounts smoked. hence, meat iskilling us more and faster than smoking… so why no warnings on packages and mcdonalds?

    and ben franklin can’t smoke his pipe in a bar now in the ‘land of the free’? hate to say it but koch is correct.

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