AZ SWAT team massacres Latino ex-Marine in his own home, and won’t say why his home was targeted

Arizona SWAT Team Shoots Latino Former Marine Dozens of Times
by Thoai Lu
Tuesday, May 17 2011, 4:11 AM EST

Police authorities in Pima County, Arizona are under fire this week after shooting a former Marine dozens of times during a SWAT team raid. Jose Guerena, a 26-year-old Tucson native, was shot and killed on May 5 during the raid. In total, more than 70 shots were fired, and Guerena was suffered a total of 60 wounds. What’s even worse is that Gerena’s wife spent more than five minutes pleading for help from emergency responders. Police officials still have not released information about why Guerena’s home was targeted.

The Arizona Daily Star reported Saturday that Guerena, 26 was alarmed by his wife at about 9:30 a.m., when he was sleeping after a graveyard shift, that she heard noises outside and a man was at their window. Guerena grabbed a AR-15 rifle and was mortally wounded by authorities.

Vanessa Guerena tearfully told 911 operators that her husband had been shot by a “bunch of people” who came into their home. During the five-minute call, dispatchers worked to determine if she was calling from a residence where the SWAT team was serving a search warrant. Audio records show that Drexel Heights Fire Department dispatched a medical unit at 9:43 a.m., but the Sheriff Department told them to hold off because they might be dealing with a “barricaded subject.”

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One thought on “AZ SWAT team massacres Latino ex-Marine in his own home, and won’t say why his home was targeted”

  1. 8 cops cops came to our place last february when i called 911 as we were having a serious quarrel. when they arrived, despite it having been me had called 911 and despite me being the clearly only injured person; with a half-closed eye, bloody nose and lips… i was hauled outside, where a 300lb speudo-woman cuffed my hands behind my back til they bled. then she pushed on my back while pulling on the cuffs… while my wife pled for her to not kill me; this thug bitch let go of the cuffs which acted as a rubber band and i was hurled down all stairs and into the lobby on my face, ribs and recently recovered knee… neighbors asked why and were warned to not interfere.

    she then threw me into both doors; into the van; onto the asphalt at lockup; onto the large metal handles to the doors… and when i was slumped on the ground says with a laugh that she is charging me with resisting arrest! she didn’t do so…

    another officer later told me that “she specializes in domestic; beats men up all the time and likes her work way too much. all of us guys are scared to death of her.”

    to top it off, that night at 3:30, that thing came back demanding my wife let her in. with reticence, she did. the policewoman told her she had to take photographs of her injuries. amy reminded her that it was i was injured and that she had no injuries to film. at that, this creature put her hands onto my wife’s shoulders and neck and rubbed them while putting her face so close to hers that she thought she was going to kiss her. then she said to her, “is’s alright now, honey; he’s not here and can’t hurt you now. tell me al about it. i understand men.” when my wife asked her to remove her hands and leave… she did so… very slowly…

    hey, at least the cops didn’t plug us both with 70 bullets, eh? that gestapo goon girl didn’t taser my wife to death while raping her… did we luck out!

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