Assassination of bin Laden wins Obama rave reviews, but where’s his “bounce”?

Maybe what he needs is some grotesque act of Islamist retribution, carried out right here at home. Then he can give a really presidential speech, assuring us that we’re the greatest people on the planet, and vowing that they’ll pay for this, etc. (followed by more bloodshed in the Muslim world).

If it worked for Bush–who, lest we forget, was Alfred E. Neuman from Inauguration Day 2001 until, like, 9/13, when he magically turned into Winston Churchill–it’ll sure work for Obama.

(And if Sarah Palin doesn’t like it, her obnoxiousness will only make Obama look more righteous in the eyes of most, as that’s how these things work.)


Obama Approval Numbers After Bin Laden Kill

While the public lauds the president’s performance killing Osama bin Laden, he got no overall bounce in a new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll.

Read it at The Daily Beast:

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