Another one bites the dust: Kloppenburg concedes

Kloppenburg concedes Supreme Court election (AUDIO)
by BOB HAGUE on MAY 31, 2011

The state Supreme Court election is now officially over. “I have reviewed the record. I have reviewed the evidence, I have reviewed the law,” candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg said during a Madison press conference on Tuesday in which she announced she won’t seek judicial review of the results of the race for state Supreme Court. “It would serve no purpose to bring a suit with insufficent legal basis. That is not the kind of lawyer that I am.” Kloppenburg said her campaign “did the right thing” in requesting a recount, the final results of which showed incumbent Justice David Prosser winning by just over seven-thousand votes. Kloppenburg picked up 683 votes in the recount her campaign requested, while Prosser gained 371 votes. Kloppenburg said she called Prosser to congratulate him.

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