8 thoughts on “Americans arrested at the Jefferson Memorial-for dancing (MUST-SEE)”

  1. I understand that our people’s rights were grossly violated on Memorial Day at Jefferson Memorial, an undeniable outrage.
    But can’t we transcend making fools out of police officers to get out our message more effectively? Maybe if they had a permit to demonstrate, they wouldn’t have experienced that heinous abuse.
    But we demonstrate on behalf of all Americans, including those non-rocket scientists. There’s got to be a better way.
    I hate to add that most of the people who go “over there” would probably side with the police and view us as a bunch of stoned hippies. Probably. I know surveys among them indicated opposition among many..
    Still, our cause is not to fight police or bait them.
    There’s got to be a better way.


  2. Those disgusting, pathetic cops deserve to be in jail. They should watch their backs, because after this video goes viral, I’m sure there will be a lot of very pissed off healthy, strong male Americans that will want to “EXPLAIN” to the cops that what they did was commit violent tyranny.

  3. The cops were totally out of line allowing the situation to escalate and throwing their weight around in a manner totally unbefitting an officer, as to the permit issue- it was supposed to be a flash mob as I understand it. Permits kinda take the piss out of the idea. and noone in their right mind would find one threatening. I didn’t see anyone trying to arrest the phony, over-rehearsed advertising flash mob that Wells Fargo put on, but these pussies were totally out of their shorts-wearing, bicycle helmeted minds. You don’t treat situations like that. They need to be fired and prosecuted- they made our country look like one of the countries we criticize for lack of freedom.

  4. Fifty thousand dancing pacifists need to converge on the Jefferson Memorial immediately. If that gets dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets, we send fifty thousand more. “Let us read and let us dance – two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.”

  5. The dancing o the young people did not seem to have a purpose beyond disrupting the Jefferson Memorial aura of respect and honor…….It is no more appropriate than reading a sermon in a noisy dance hall……..I stand with the police…

  6. That’s a safe place to stand.

    For your information, though, the ban had nothing to do with preserving the
    Memorial’s “aura of respect and honor.” If it did, it would have to forbid flash
    cameras, too, and people taking pictures of each other striking wacky poses
    at the pedestal, etc.

    Moreover, a bunch of cops throwing citizens on the ground, and stomping
    on their necks, doesn’t do much for that aura, either—and Thomas Jefferson
    would have been appalled by it.

    For that matter, he never would have wanted to be treated like a holy relic.
    Maybe, while you’re standing there with the police, you could take a little
    time to read his works.

  7. Bizarre. ‘Looked like something out for Reno 911, and it shows how easily people can forget what Jefferson and America are supposed to be all about.

    I was there in Chicago in the summer of ’68 when poice rioted during the Democratic Convention. Very ugly. Facism on our doorstep.

    Democracy isn’t just for Arabs, folks!

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