A closer look at the Wisconsin recount—and it’s not pretty

A Closer Look at the Ongoing Wisconsin Recount
By Joan Brunwasser

My guest today is Brian Pruka. You’re a Wisconsin resident currently observing the recount for the local Supreme Court race. What got you interested in this process?

Hi, Joan. I am, as you said, a Wisconsin citizen, 47 years old. Right now I work a couple of part-time and temporary jobs to get by. I am an ecologist by training, and I work in the field of wildlife conservation during the summer. Since I’m not employed at a full-time job, I have some time to look into what is going on with the Waukesha County recount.

I went to the Waukesha County Courthouse last Monday, May 9, to see for myself what is going on with the recount. I stayed 4.5 hours. I live in Madison, a 2.5 hour round trip and $16 in gas money, so the rest of the week I’ve just checked in to an Internet livestream video at www.livestream.com/waukeshacounty. Anyone can watch, although the way the camera is set up, you can’t see most of what is going on. It is far, far from a complete video documentation.

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