Will Prosser’s “win” blow GOP election fraud wide open? YES-if you help EDA!


United We Count!



Your Support is Needed

Dear Friends And Colleagues Who Have Joined Our Fight For Transparent Vote-Counting:

What the news is finally reporting about Wisconsin’s April 5th election is but an iceberg tip, a microcosm of a large arsenal of such tactics to manipulate vote counts that have been, and continue to be, deployed all over the nation with increasing sophistication since at least 2000.  The media has finally picked up on this one.

Election Defense Alliance is directly in the center of strategizing and acting to get the FULL story uncovered-and released to the public. But this won’t happen without a full court press-gathering and analyzing facts and data, making sure it gets to the key players, knocking and hammering on doors until they open-in short, a maximum and sustained effort and a tremendous amount of work.

We need your help with financial support.  We have not turned to you for such help for a long time. This is a critical time.  This may be our opportunity to finally get the full story out to the American people. Please do all you can.

EDA is a sponsored project of International Humanities Center, a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are tax-deductible.

Write your checks to: IHC/ Election Defense Alliance
Mail your checks to: Election Defense Alliance
c/o International Humanities Center
860 Via de la Paz, Suite B-1
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Or donate online at: ihcenter.org/groups/electiondefensealliance

Thank you.
Jonathan Simon, Executive Director                         
Sally Castleman, National Chairperson

PS.  EDA is in need of help with our Facebook and Twitter presence.  Can you contribute to EDA’s important work by becoming our Social Media Coordinator? If so, please write to sallyc@ElectionDefenseAlliance.org.  Thank you!

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