Why does Prosser want a recount ONLY IN WAUKESHA? WI Democrats should look at other counties, too…

Certainly there ought to be a federal probe of Kathy Nickolaus’s management of the
election in her county, and a recount of the ballots there. But it would be pretty stupid
to look there and nowhere else, as the Republicans steal votes all over. That’s not a”conspiracy theory” but a well-documented fact; and so those Dems now obsessing on
Waukesha/Nickolaus could stand to read a bit on how the GOP pulls off its “victories”
at the polls.

In 2000, for example, Bush/Cheney didn’t disenfranchise voters just in Palm Beach County, where the then-infamous Theresa LePore designed the butterfly ballot that had many old Jews casting votes for Nazi-friendly Pat Buchanan. All kinds of disenfranchising activities went on throughout South Florida–and places to the north, such as Orlando, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. (For all that, Al Gore still won in Florida that year, although not many people know it; but that’s another matter.)

And in 2004, the theft of the election in Ohio wasn’t concentrated in one place or region but entailed votes stolen (and concocted) everywhere. There were especially egregious rip-offs in three southeastern counties, but not just there. Anyone who wants specific data on the theft in 18 Ohio counties should check out Richard Hayes Phillips’ Witness to a Crime–the result of an exhaustive audit of 126,000 ballots, 127 poll books and 141 voter signature books.

And now Wisconsin, where Koch/Walker very badly wanted Prosser to “prevail” –and, therefore, where whatever happened Wednesday didn’t happen only in one place, but in as many places as the GOP could do its thing; and if the Democrats don’t look into the way the other party operates, they might as well just quit right now.


Prosser camp open to Waukesha County-only recount
Election officials scrutinizing voting results
By Bill Glauber, Jason Stein and Sharif Durhams of the Journal Sentinel

The campaign manager for Justice David Prosser said Saturday he was open to a recount of votes in Waukesha County.

“If you need to do a recount in Waukesha (county) and Waukesha (county) alone to satisfy heightened interest, that’s fine,” said Brian Neimor. “We believe it will only affirm the margin of victory we now enjoy.”

In Waukesha County, thousands of votes from the City of Brookfield that were not reported by the county clerk on election night were discovered the day after. Prosser’s margin of victory in Brookfield helped push him ahead of challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.

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2 thoughts on “Why does Prosser want a recount ONLY IN WAUKESHA? WI Democrats should look at other counties, too…”

  1. Considering the other tea party rampages it shouldn’t be so shocking they could pull off a Wisconsin special election.

  2. Before “considering” those “other” Tea Party victories, you should consult the evidence that they, or many of them, weren’t real “victories,” either.

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