Why did it take two days for Kathy Nickolaus to “explain” her “error”?

Good question–one of many that need answers NOW, before (more) evidence gets shredded or deleted.


Why Did it Take so Long
Posted Saturday April 9, 2011 4 hours, 37 minutes ago
Courtesy of MotherJones.com

Madison, Wis. (WHBL-Learfield) – Robert Kraig with Citizen Action of Wisconsin says the U.S. Attorney’s Office should step in to review what happened in Waukesha County and why it took nearly two days for the Waukesha county clerk to release information about the error. Citizen Action wants an independent investigation. Kraig says the longer officials wait to intervene, the greater the chance that crucial evidence could be lost or destroyed. He says there are far too many questions about how votes from Brookfield were accidentally left out of unofficial results and failing to take action could leave half of the state wondering if the election was just stolen.

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2 thoughts on “Why did it take two days for Kathy Nickolaus to “explain” her “error”?”

  1. Unfortunately, Hanging Chad, experience shows us that these “errors” are richly rewarded, not investigated and prosecuted for complicity in voter fraud. One more casualty of so called democracy. Thank you, Citizen Action Wisconsin, for representing the interests of honest voters. Given that Ms. Nickolaus is known to make “errors” that benefit her friends her word alone is not sufficient to guarantee that these “found votes” were not manufactured in desperation after the fact.

  2. Aside from seizing every computer, electronic device, Email, paper memo, land line and cell phone call record associated with her, I think her time as a “public” employee is up. A decade long history of election irregularities and a little too much “human error” clearly show that this person is not competent to perform her real job. Unfortunately, with the todays Republicans, the means always justify the ends and she will be richly rewarded with a cushy job in the private sector and massive load of cash from her corporate/GOP overlords.

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