What emails are on Kathy Nickolaus’ hard drive? (Her computer hasn’t been impounded–WHY??)

With a Media-covered Rap Sheet of Shenanigans, Kathy Nickolaus Might Have Incriminating E-mails on Her Hard Drive


The Republicans in Wisconsin know how to embrace GOP incompetence, likely electioneering manipulation and cronyism, but denounce Democratic voter fraud that barely exists.

In fact, Wisconsin is just a mini-model of the Republican creation of a lie to keep minorities and the poor from voting (the myth of massive illegal voting, when it can actually be counted on a couple of hands, if that, in any given election.) This was the big lie that took down ACORN, among other organizations that worked to register disenfranchised voters.

Then, you have someone like Kathy Nickolaus come along as an elected election chief in Waukesha County, Wisconsin – with a media-covered rap sheet of shenanigans, legal immunity from prosecution, defiance of transparent election counting practices, employed at one time by both David Prosser and Scott Walker, and, among other corrupt practices, a person who sent out, in her official capacity, sample ballots awhile back marked with votes for Republican candidates.

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