Weird numbers from WI Supreme Court-only race in Waukesha AND Milwaukee Counties

Nate Silver’s explanation doesn’t cut it.


Strange Numbers from Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties on Supreme Court Only Ballots
by jsamuel

In this diary, I take a look at some of the strange numbers in regards to Supreme Court ONLY ballots being cast in counties during the April 5th election. Some interesting differences pop out.

Of particular interest is the high number of Supreme Court ONLY ballots in Waukesha County (14.4% of all ballots). This does not compare well with other counties which all have numbers far below this total.

However, there is some serious strangeness when Milwaukee County is looked at. The county as a whole actually had more votes for the County Executive race than it did for the Supreme Court race. This is the exact opposite of every other county, some of which also had County Executive races. Further creating confusion, the City of Milwaukee had 22,000 more votes for Supreme Court than for County Executive. This means that of the rest of Milwaukee County (less than half of the total votes) had at least 22,000 ballots that voted for County Executive but NOT for the Supreme Court race.

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  1. What exactly will it take? Wake up, America! Our government is being taken and we should be in the streets. ‘Government of the rich, for the rich and by the rich…’ We should have decals printed and stick them on every voting machine we come into contact with.

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