Waukesha: 97.63% turnout in 2004! 20,000 more votes than “ballots cast” in 2006!

Wisconsin needs, ASAP, a public hand-count of all paper ballots! (And Kathy Nickolaus must go!)


Waukesha Follies: 97.63% Turnout in 2004?
20,000 More Votes Than ‘Ballots Cast’ in 2006?
by Brad Friedman

Trying to get to the bottom of new anomalies discovered in County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus’ bizarre election results…

Waukesha County, Wisconsin’s County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus was already known, for some time, to be among the nation’s worst elections officials. And that’s saying quite a bit. But new information being discovered over the past several days suggests she may be even worse than previously known — which is also saying quite a bit.

We noted last Friday that the stunning 14,000+ “new” votes she announced as having discovered in the state’s Supreme Court election from the city of Brookfield last Thursday actually weren’t “new” at all. In fact, they were independently reported late on Election Night by Lisa Sink of the Brookfield Patch, exactly as they were eventually included in Nickolaus’ final canvass report [XLS].

If anything, as we indicated in the same article, it is perhaps more troubling that the city of Brookfield’s numbers didn’t change at all from Election Night, suggesting that the ballots have never been examined by any human beings in order to assure the accuracy of the oft-failed, easily-manipulated optical-scanners used to tabulate the paper ballots in Waukesha (and across most of the state.)

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